Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Kicks! *breath taking*

and first time I felt L o V e

Monday Night around 11:30 as I laid in bed I gently pressed down on my belly in the hopes to possibly feel my little one. seconds later I felt a squirm wasn't sure if it was my own head playing tricks on me or I was really feeling my baby's first moves. I comly laid and waited & waited moments later, it happened again, and again..AND AGAIN! I felt a rush sense of joy,excitement, tears of joy started to fill my eyes. An amazing  feeling I will never forget. It's at the moment that I soon realized that its really happening, my life is now going to be shared with my pride and joy<3 I'm still filled with emotions of last nights events and just to think that soon I will be able to hold my other half is incredibly amazing.

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