Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scared but now the wait.

On April 25, 2011, I had gone to my monthly doctors visit were they did my usual check ups such as checking in my wight , getting blood drown out and my Favorite the ULTRA-SOUNDS! I go in for my monthly ultrasound and my doctor lets dad & I know we might be expecting a baby boy, I was very excited but it was such a fast glance that even our doctor couldn't guarantee it. But I'm jumping into that part, before that, I Had gotten blood drawn out , the blood sample was taken out of me to find out if the baby could have any  possible abnormalities. Not necessarily meaning my baby could or could not, just pointing out that I may have a higher risk for my age group. Now, as scared as I was to find out the results I still had to wait two weeks or so until my doctors office called me. My doctor said "if you don't get a call from us, your blood results came back negative" so I counted down the days until my next visit, in 6 weeks, however, two weeks after I had taken the test I got the call telling me I had to go to a specialist.  My heart dropped, they couldn't tell me one thing from another over the phone but my heart was racing and confusion running all over my head. All that was going through my head was I really hope my little boy is okay, They set me up for an appoint a week from that Tuesday. I cried myself to sleep that night rubbing my belly hoping my son wasn't in any pain. The next day I had called my Nina, since shes a nurse, asking her what could of possibly gone wrong, she was letting me know it could be numerous things that could of caused that test to be positive, keeping me calm she was telling me not worry that I should just wait until my secluded appoint to find out more.

May 19, 2011,  My boyfriend and I go in to see the Specialist. When I had checked in they first had us talk to a consoler,  were she then spoke to us about the test. she had asked us questions about our family health and history. We both filled her in on our family's health, thankfully both of our family's health had been well. No major health problems nor anything we can think of that might had kicked my test to be positive. She then asked talked to us about different methods of  checking our baby's development. One was to have a detailed Ultra-Sound and the other was to have Amniocentesis performed. the amniocentesis was completely optional, and that involved the removal of fluid from my belly. Eric (the father) and I were both content about having going through both procedures.
 As I'm getting my ultrasound done, I'm hearing my baby heart beat and Eric & I witnessed our little bundle of joy sucking its thumb. I kept saying, "hes so adorable!! look hes moving his little legs" the ultrasound tech. then informed us that it was not a He that was moving legs but a She . We were both stunned, I almost cried when she told us that we were now expecting a baby girl. All that was going through my mind was I really hope shes doing okay. as the ultrasound tech was checking in on our now little girl I asked her if everything seemed okay, she calmly said, with a smile, she looks perfect, I know not to get my hopes up but the way she said it had calmed me down, which was a good thing because soon after I had the amniocentesis done. It didn't last long but the pain after was not very pleasant. I was informed that I HAD to be on bed rest for the next 24 hours no getting up or moving unless to go to the bathroom.

So now the wait until I get my results in.

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