Friday, March 16, 2012

Ziahli 5 Months

Haven't been on much, can pretty much say life has been keeping me busy. I'm in a great spot and my little mini-me is growing right before my eyes!!  She is now 5 months and simply developing up to speed. In just the past week she said her first word, "Dada" , starting to stand on her own (with help) , not to mention she drinks from a straw! LOL I'm not kidding on that one.

This was Ziahli at 4 motnhs (Pink Photo)

Ziahli now at 5 months (Photos Below)

This is a before and after.  *Touch Up*
Papa Bear and Little Bear hanging out on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon. 

photos here edited with "My four Hens Actions"


lovely pettit_mom said...

Hi Dear, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I follow your blog, so pretty and the baby so cute.

Mrs. Julius said...

omg, how precious is she???? she's gorgeous! i came up with the "little man" theme i think thru Pinterest. Are you on it? So addicting. :)

we {Heart} Scrap said...

Thanks girls.

Julius: Pinterest is now my new obsession! I love the ideas and all the follow up links that website has!

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