Thursday, December 9, 2010

Finals ALMOST over !!!

I can already jump in joy, finals weeks is finishing up, just one more final to go,(Fridays Friendly Final)  and BOOM! 6week Vacation here I come!! Not sure if you all feel my excitement but I have a Smile ear to ear... LOL Very intense semester... well not so bad but finals week always seem to kick my butt! the late night studying did pay off, found out I Aced my Psychology Final "whoo hoo" ....I know I have said it already but I have big plans for my blog and lots of goodies to share with all my followers! <3!!!

*Side Note: I also was looking into making digital Scrapbooking Packets however I have no clue on how to make that one happen :[ if you guys would kinda fill me in I would more than appreciate it.. x100 =D

(talk about Run-On Sentences >.<")

Well Back to "hitting the books" for a little refresher for tomorrow's final, bye for now everyone ^_^

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grace said...

I have finals next week too. I can't wait for winter break!

Good luck on your finals!! :]

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