Saturday, May 7, 2011

Random questions & answers

When you found out

When did you find out? 14th/21 Jan 2011 ~ ??
Were did you find out? McDonald's... (long story lol)
How far along were you? 6 weeks 
 What was your reaction? Calm/Numb.
Who was the first person you told? My two friends that were by my side 
How did you tell the father? Over the Phone 
What was his reaction? Unexpected

All about your pregnancy

When is your due date? September 24, 2011
Did you have any morning sickness? None what so ever
Did you want a boy or girl? I was open minded to either-or
What did the father want boy or girl? open minded
Do you know what your having? Yes! Baby Girl
Do you have a names picked out? : Yes <3
How much weight have you gained? ~10 pounds
Have you felt the baby move? YESSS!!

When you have the baby

Are you keeping the baby? Yes.
Do you plan on a natural or medicated birth? We will soon find out *I'm Open minded*.
Are you scared about labor? so/so
What do you think will be the worst part of labor? Not sure.
Have you taken any classes? No
Who will be in the delivery room? hopefully LOTS of doctors (father might pass out on me LOL)
Are you having the birth videotaped? No, rather keep it to the imagination lol
Do you think you will cry when you see the baby for the first time? of course
What do you think the fathers reaction to the baby will be? in amazement, a life we created is now in our arms<3


Label me Addict said...

CONGRATS on your baby boy!!!

thank you for following me!!!

following you now!!!

Mrs. Julius said...

Congrats! You're having a boy! cute. I just had a baby boy 4 months ago and I did this exact same questionnaire on my blog. :)

new follower!


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