Sunday, May 22, 2011

surprise! it's now a GIRL

Yes, I am still in shock myself, however, very pleased. I am now having a little girl and had to give away all the boy things I had purchased, keeping a few items,I am now starting over with the baby theme I'm going for. I have a few photos and ideas on what I want, cant lie, it didn't take me very long to get started on putting ideas together :) .

color will be this shade of pink with yellow soft yellow

and bedding I would Love to have is this one, SOOOO adorable

I think my love of scrapbooking kicked in when I seen these stickers!!! I must get them =D

and to have a matching lamp, maybe a little too matchy, matchy??


Mrs. Julius said...

awwww what a sweet surprise! :)

grace said...

how exciting!!! :D
the wall stickers are so cute!

gigi123 said...
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gigi123 said...

This is super cute...who would've thought that I'd be a fan of owls!? lol

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