Sunday, June 26, 2011



so I love to meet new people and thought to get to know a little more of my friendly supporters. It's a Big place-yet small world. Why not talk and get to know a little more about one-another. I will start it off by talking a little of myself and things I enjoy doing. ^_^ feel free to reply on a comment and introduce yourself! :)
*I'm Yvonne, Mother-to-be and a Student at a privet art school. I'm studying web design & interactive media. I taught myself how to use Photoshop & many other computer programs. I also LOVE scrapbooking, I spend many hours on my free time looking at wonderful blogs and things that other creative people do, example: Scrapbook-Minis !! I love, Love, LOVE them. Digital scrapbooking is also a fun way to use Photoshop & scrapbooking at the same time. 

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